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                                  Mark F. Wallner, Photographer                                       
Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin    USA     

Welcome editors, publishers, and enthusiasts of God's natural world to the website of
over 10,000 wildlife photos and counting.  This page is set up for a wide screen monitor.  
If it looks messy use your zoom out feature to get things to arrange into place.  
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All photos are for sale for one-time use.   Prints are also available for any photo on this site.  
 All creatures on this site were wild and free to come and go as they pleased except the Elk
in velvet on the Wildlife Scenics page which was in a fenced area of the National Bison Range.  
None of the creatures on this site were harmed in the making of these photos.  
Only minor touchups were done to photos, if any, such as cropping and brightening.  
No subject matter was added or taken out by computer.  Publishers, editors, email me at or call 262-945-8836 for higher resolution photos.
Satisfaction guaranteed.                                                                                         

Don't run away.                                              Come on in.
Thank you for your visit.  There are a lot more photos to add so please also check again another time as this site will continue to grow and get bigger and better.  Thank you.

Most of these photos can also be seen at

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