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Mark F Wallner,

World’s Greatest Beaver Photographer and author of Beaver books.

President of Save Our Beavers to stop the needless persecution of Beavers. Save our Beavers. Save our wild America.

Beaver book hardcover version:

Beaver book paperback version:

See below or click above link for new comprehensive North American Beaver book with 236 pages and over 500 photographs found nowhere else on Earth.

Pleasant Prairie, WI

United States of America

This site is back and will eventually be back up to over 10,000 photos.

Stock Photo List – ones in red have photos

A Beaver gets oil from its gland at the base of its tail as it grooms on shore. 7915 drive 9

New Book for sale:

Complete nesting photos of the elusive Least Bittern from the eggs until they left the nest. See photos found nowhere else of close-up photos of secretive Least Bitterns tending to their chicks hidden in the thick cattails. The Least Bittern book can be found here:

New Book is here now: The North American Beaver and its World

by the world’s greatest Beaver photographer with behavioral photos found nowhere else.

Beaver book hardcover version:

Beaver book Paperback version:

Children’s Version of The North American Beaver book:

Rascal the Rascally Baby Beaver

Baby Beaver book hardcover version only:

Thanks to the Lake County Forest Preserve District of northeastern Illinois, USA for helping to make these Beaver books possible by restoring and maintaining some of the greatest places on Earth.

Update: The overstaffed and overfunded lame Lake County Forest Preserve District with leadership much to be desired of northeastern Illinois USA has nothing better to do lately than to destroy Beaver dams and even their home at the Spring Bluff Forest Preserve right when Beavers are having their babies, during a drought no less, leaving streams with barely a trickle of water in them and all the while leaving woodlands out of control with invasive Buckthorn. Save our native American Beavers. Save our wild America.