Stock Photo List

Stock Photo List with links to photos UNDER CONSTRUCTION Links in blue may work.

Birds – Ducks:  Black Duck/p2/p3/p4/p5;  Bufflehead/p2;  Canvasback;  Ducks-mixed;  
Gadwall/p2;   Goldeneye,Common/p2/p3/p4; Harlequin;  Long-tailed Duck;  Mallard/p2/p3/p4/p5/p6/p7;  
Merganser, Common/p2/p3/p4/p5;  Merganser, Hooded/p2/p3;  
Merganser, Red-breasted/p2/p3/p4/p5/p6/p7/p8;  Pintail/p2/p3/p4/p5/p6/p7/p8;  
Redhead;  Ring-necked Duck;  Ruddy Duck/p2;  Scaup/p2/p3;  Scoter, White-winged;  
Shoveler, Northern/p2/p3/p4;  Teal, Blue-winged/p2;  Teal, Green-winged/p2/p3/p4;  
Wigeon, American/p2;  Wood Duck/p2/p3/p4/p5  
           Geese:  Geese, Canada & Moon;  Goose, Canada/p2/p3/p4/p5/p6/p7/p8; Goose, Snow;    
Goose, Greater White-fronted/p2/p3/p4

              All other Birds:  Anhinga;  Bittern, American/p2;  Bittern, Least – nesting/p2/p3/p4;  
Blackbird, Red-winged;  Blackbird, Yellow-headed/p2/p3/p4/p5/p6;  Bluebird, Eastern;  Bobolink;  Bobwhite;  
Bunting, Indigo;  Bunting, Snow;  Cardinal/p2;  Catbird;  Chat, Yellow-breasted;  Chickadee, Black-capped;  
Condor, California;  Coot/p2;  Cormorant, Double-crested/p2;  Cormorant, Neotropic;  Cowbird, Brown-headed;  
Crane, Sandhill/p2/p3/p4/p5/p6/p7; Cranes, Sandhill & Moon;  Crane, Whooping;  Creeper, Brown;  Crossbill, Red;  Crow, Common;  
Cuckoo, Black-billed;  Cuckoo, Yellow-billed;  Dickcissel/p2/p3;  Dove, Mourning/p2;  Dove, Rock; Dunlin;  Dunlin-Fall;  
Eagle, Bald/p2/p3/p4/p5/p6;  Eagle, Golden;  Egret, Cattle;  Egret, Great/p2/p3/p4;  Egret, Snowy;  
Falcon, Peregrine;  Finch, House;  Finch, Purple;  Flicker, Northern/p2;  Flycatcher, Great-crested;  
Flycatcher, Yellow-bellied;  Gnatcatcher, Blue-gray;  Goldfinch;  Goshawk;  Grackle, Common;  
Grebe, Horned;  Grebe, Pied-billed;  Grosbeak, Blue;  Grosbeak, Evening;  Grosbeak, Pine;  
Grosbeak, Rose-breasted;  Grouse, Ruffed;  Grouse, Sharp-tailed;  Gull, Bonaparte’s;  Gull, Glaucous;  Gull, Great Black-backed;
Gull, Herring;  Gull, Ring-billed;  Gulls-mixed;  Harlequin Duck; Harrier, Northern;  Hawk, Broadwinged;  
Hawk, Cooper’s;  Hawk, Harlan’s;  Hawk, Red-shouldered;  Hawk, Red-tailed;  Hawk, Rough-legged;  
Hawk, Sharp-shinned;  Hawk, Swainson’s;  Heron, Black-crowned Night/p2/p3;  Heron, Great Blue/p2/p3/p4;  
Heron, Great White;  Heron, Green;  Heron, Tri-colored;  Hummingbird, Ruby-throated;  Ibis, Glossy;  
Ibis, White;  Jay, Blue/p2/p3;  Jay, Gray;  Jay, Gray-breasted;  Jay, Steller’s;  Junco, Dark-eyed;    Kestrel;  
Killdeer/p2;  Kingbird, Eastern;  Kingbird, Western;  Kingfisher, Belted/p2;  Kinglet, Golden-crowned;  
Kinglet, Ruby-crowned;  Kite, Swallow-tailed;  Lark, Horned;  Loon, Common/p2/p3;  
Magpie, Black-billed;  Martin, Purple;  Meadowlark, Eastern/p2/p3;  Merlin/p2;    
Mockingbird;    Moorhen, Common;  Nighthawk, Common;  Nutcracker, Clark’s;  
Nuthatch, Red-breasted;  Nuthatch, White-breasted;  Oriole, Baltimore;  Oriole, Orchard;  
Osprey;  Ovenbird;  Owl, Barn;  Owl, Barred;  Owl, Eastern Screech;  Owl, Great Horned;  Owl, Long-eared;  
Owl, Short-eared/p2;  Owl, Snowy/p2/p3;  Parula, Northern;  Pelican, Brown;  Pelican, White/p2/p3/p4/p5;  
Pewee, Eastern Wood;  Phalarope, Red-necked;  Pheasant, Ring-necked;  Phoebe, Eastern;  Plover, Piping/p2;  
Plover, Semipalmated;  Prairie Chicken, Greater/p2;  Rail, King/p2/p3/p4;  Rail, Virginia;  Raven, Common;  
Redpoll, Common;  Redstart, American/p2/p3;  Roadrunner;  Robin, American/p2;  Rosy-Finch, Brown-capped;    
Sanderling;  Sandpiper, Least;  Sandpiper, Purple/p2/p3;  Sandpiper, Solitary;  Sandpiper, Spotted;  
Sandpiper, Upland;  Sapsucker; Red-naped;  Sapsucker, Yellow-bellied; Shorebirds;  Siskin, Pine;    Snipe, Wilson’s/p2;  
Sora;  Sparrow, Chipping;  Sparrow, Field;  Sparrow, Fox;    Sparrow, Harris’;  Sparrow, Henslow’s;  
Sparrow, House;  Sparrow, Le Conte’s;  Sparrow, Lincoln’s;  Sparrow, Savannah;    Sparrow, Song;  
Sparrow, Swamp;  Sparrow, Tree;  Sparrow, White-crowned;  Sparrow, White-throated;  Spoonbill, Roseate;    
Starling, European;  Stilt, Black-necked/p2;  Stork, Wood;    Swallow, Barn;  Swallow, Cliff;  
Swallow, Rough-winged  Swallow, Tree;  Swan, Mute/p2;  Swan, Trumpeter/p2/p3/p4/p5/p6;  Swan, Tundra;  
Swift, Chimney;  Tanager, Scarlet;  Tanager, Summer;  Tern, Black;  Tern, Caspian/p2/p3;  Tern, Forster’s;  
Thrasher, Brown;  Thrasher, Curve-billed;  Thrush, Gray-cheeked;  Thrush, Hermit;  Thrush, Swainson’s;  
Towhee, Rufous-sided;    Turkey, Wild/p2/p3;  Turnstone, Ruddy;  

Turnstone, Ruddy & Dunlin; Veery;  Vireo, Blue-headed;  
Vireo, Philadelphia;  Vireo, Red-eyed;  Vireo, Warbling;    Vireo, Yellow-throated;   Vulture, Turkey;  
Warbler, Bay-breasted;  Warbler, Black & White;  Warbler, Blackburnian;  Warbler, Black-throated Blue;    
Warbler, Black-throated Gray;  Warbler, Black-throated Green;   Warbler, Blue-winged;   Warbler, Canada;  
Warbler, Cape May;  Warbler, Cerulean;  Warbler, Chestnut-sided/p2;   Warbler, Golden-winged;  
Warbler, Magnolia;  Warbler, Nashville;  Warbler, Orange-crowned;  Warbler, Palm;    Warbler, Pine;    
Warbler, Prothonotary;  Warbler, Tennessee;  Warbler, Wilson’s;  Warbler, Yellow;  
Warbler, Yellow-rumped (myrtle);  Waterfowl-mixed;    Waterthrush, Louisiana;    Waterthrush, Northern;  
Waxwing, Cedar;    Whimbrel;  Whip-poor-will, Eastern;    Willet;  Woodcock, American;  Woodpecker, Acorn;  
Woodpecker, Downy;  Woodpecker, Hairy;  Woodpecker, Pileated;  Woodpecker, Red-bellied;  
Woodpecker, Red-cockaded;  Woodpecker, Red-headed/p2/p3;    Wren, Canyon;  Wren, House;  
Wren, Marsh;  Wren, Winter;  Yellowlegs, Greater & Lesser;  Yellowlegs, Lesser; Yellowthroat, Common

Mammals:  Antelope, Pronghorn;  Bear, Black/p2;  Beaver & Blanding’s Turtle;
Beaver lodge & cuttings;  Bison, American;  Chipmunk, Eastern;  Chipmunk, Least;  
Chipmunk, Yellow-pine;  Coyote;  Deer, Mule;  Deer, White-tailed – does & fawns/p2;  
Deer, White-tailed – fall & winter bucks/p2/p3/p4/p5/p6/p7/p8/p9/p10/p11/p12/p13/p14/p15/p16/
Deer, White-tailed – bucks in velvet/p2/p3;  Deer, White-tailed buck yearly progression;  Elk; 
 Fox, Red/p2/p3/p4/p5/p6/p7/p8/p9/p10/p11/p12/p13/p14/p15;  Goat, Mountain;  Marmot, Hoary;  
Marmot, Yellow-bellied;  Mink;  Moose;  Muskrat;  Muskrat and Bullfrog;  Opossum, Virginia;  
Otter, River;  Peccary, Collared (javelina);  Porcupine;  Prairie Dog, Black-tailed;  
Rabbit, Cottontail Eastern;  Rabbit, Cottontail Mountain;  Raccoon;  Seal, Harbor;  
Sheep, Bighorn;  Skunk, Striped;  Squirrel, Fox;  Squirrel, Gray Eastern;  
Squirrel, Ground Columbian;  Squirrel, Ground Golden-mantled;  
Squirrel, Ground Thirteen-lined;  Squirrel, Red;  Wolverine;  Woodchuck         

Wildlife Scenics/p2

Unusual Behavior

Reptiles and Amphibians:  Alligator;  Bullfrog;  Frog, Eastern Leopard;  
Frog, Tree;  Frog, Western Leopard;  Snake, Fox Eastern;  Snake, Garter Eastern;  
Snake, Rat Black; Toad;  Turtle, Blanding’s;  Turtle, Painted;  Turtle, Snapping
Scenics:  Aransas NWR, TX;  Badlands NP, SD;  Big Bend NP, TX;  Bryce Canyon NP, UT;  
Chequamegon NF, WI;  Congaree NP, SC;  Dakota, North;  Dakota, South;  Glacier NP, MT;  
Grand Teton NP, WY;  Great Smokey Mountains NP;  Gulf of Mexico, TX;  Hawaii;  
Illinois Beach State Park;  Lake Michigan;  Lake Superior;  Maine;  Michigan;  MN-Superior NF;  
MT-Red Rock Lakes NWR;  Niagara Falls;  Okefenokee Swamp, GA;  Shenandoah NP, VA;  
VA-Mason Neck NWR;   Wisconsin;  Wisconsin-Fall color/p2; WI-Trempealeau NWR;  Yellowstone NP;  Zion NP, UT

Butterflies and Moths:  Monarch Butterfly;  Swallowtail, Tiger;  Viceroy Butterfly

Wildflowers:  Bluebells, Virginia;  Butterflyweed;  Coneflower, Prairie;  Coneflower, Purple;  
Grass Pink;  Hibiscus;   Jack-in-the-Pulpit;  Lily, Swamp;  Lily, Turk’s cap;  Lily, Wood;  Lily Pads;  
Lupines;  Marigold, Marsh;  Milkweed, Common;  Spiderwort;  Violet, Bird-foot;  
Violet, White Dog-tooth;  Wildflower combos

Misc.:  Apples; bird nest in flower pot;  Bees;  Boats;  Caterpillars;  Caterpillars, Eastern Tent;  
Dragonflies;  Elm trees, Duluth, MN-1979;  Fall Colors;   Fish;  Fungi;  Grasshopper;  Longhorn, Texas;  
Mount Vernon, VA;  Ore Docks-L. Superior;  Plant on tree;  Prairie;  Red Sky;  Snail;  
Species that Benefit from Beavers; Stone path in the woods;  Walking Stick insect;  Washington, DC;  Wetlands